How to move File Share Witness Quorum resource to new Server

Most of the Windows administrators are not aware of procedure to move existing Windows Fail over Cluster File Share Witness directory to new Servers, following is a quick three step guideline.

Step 1: Find out the Quorum Type

Run the PowerShell as Administrator


output: Cluster Name, Quorum Resource and Quorum Type.

Step 2: Change the existing Quorum Type from NodeAndFileShareMajority to NodeMajority

Set-ClusterQuorum -NodeMajority

Output: Cluster Name & Quorum Resource Null

The movement the Step 2 get completed successfully it will delete existing FSW from Cluster resource.

Step 3: Recreate FSW with NodeAndFileShareMajority at new Server

Set-ClusterQuorum -NodeAndFileShareMajority \\FileServer\Shared_FSW

After successful completion of step 3 the FSW will get created and ready to use.