How to download office 2016 by deployment tool?

How to download office 2016 by deployment tool?

  1. Download Office Deployment Tool    (office 2016)

2. Create a folder in C drive, we named it ODT here, run Office Deployment Tool and install to C:\ODT

  1. 2 files will in the ODT folder, one is setup.exe, and the other is configuration.xml
  2. Open configuration.xml with Notepad.exe
  3. Paste the following content and save (Note: we are installing Office 365 Pro Plus 32bit en-us edition)


<Add SourcePath=”c:\odt” OfficeClientEdition=”32″ >

<Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail”>

<Language ID=”en-us” />




Note: you can refer to the following website to customize your configuration file.

6. Disable your firewall/ security apps/ anti-virus apps and then open “CMD” Command Prompt, navigate to C:\ODT and run the command:

setup.exe /download c:\odt\Configuration.xml

7. Wait for download finish:

Note: it may take time, depend on your network speed. (32 bit about 1.02 GB)

(Now, you can copy this ODT folder to other user’s machine and go to the next steps.) 

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